Saturday, July 11, 2009

malam bakat...

malam bakat went pretty well had its ups and it downs..the down side was being scolded by one of the teachers because i "wasn't" doing my job which i find it rather odd because i wasn't suppose to help in the 1st place..and p.a wasn't working well for the first 3 performances..other than that it was up and fun as usual..performed for the 1st time during malam bakat..madu 3 was a hit..everyone loved it..m.j's dance was cool..derrick's dance too..but when it was our turn i was so nervous because i felt so unprepared but thankfully someone was there to help calm my nerve's..did 2 performances..that and jai-ho..hahaha..havent upload the pictures currently..very lazy..took a few photos and ruined 1 photo by accident..cant believe i ruined that 1 moment..seldom take photos it is a big thing..gah..sorry..

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